I live in an area where everyone is on well and septic. My neighbor across the street from me (kitty Korner to me)..has his septic tank and field in his front yard. I have my Well in my front yard- the distance is perhaps is 40 yards. We have had relentless rains here in illinois for the past 2.5 weeks. OUr street was flooded, under 18 inches of water for a couple days . Im concerned if there is any chance of his septic contaminating my well since the street flood did reach my wellhead. His septic field was not totally submerged, but had alot of water on it.

When i moved in here 2 years ago, i had the water tested for bacteria..and there was none. I do have a $60 waterfilter on my system which does remove some bacteria.

Anyway, whats the chance of my well being contaminated from his septic ? Should i have my water tested just to be safe. ? If you have experience with well and septic, please respond.

Thanks, Dave