Anyone suffer from them?
I have been one of those unfortunate to be afflicted with this disabling and sometimes depressing nightmare.
This is the first time i have had the need of someone else's input. It was a personal thing i handle alone.
I try very, very hard not to allow my family to see the owful effect these cluster migrains have on me.
They come everyday at about the same time.
Starting with 'feeling' of pain in a usually numb area i call the hell marble, which is a hard thing to explain but feels just like a marble between my temple and the back of my eye. Can't touch it, just feel it.
Within 30 mins of this alarm i am in living hell and an epic battle with pain for two to four hours that cannot in any words be describe.
I have no more than 30 mins to get somewhere, where ever i might be to begin the battle.
I do not ask this question for sympathy!! Iv'e lived this hell since age 11.
I raised this question here, in this forum of my peers (brothers and sisters)of the trade only after my wife made the point of the continuity,and somewhat family atmosphire,even under dissagreement that exist's here.