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    That same 30 seconds with a sawzall will turn an unsafe ladder into its proper form when cut from top to bottom through the rungs

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    Attic pull down

    50% I see have nuts loose, missing, screws falling out. Make a habit of tighting them up and cary extra , to repair on customer's time.
    It surprises me how many HVAC/R trucks I see with cheeesy HO quality ladders on them. We have 4', 6', 8' & 24'+ 300 IA ladders on each truck. Had a lady ***** out one of the guys cause he didn't have a 10'r on his truck and had to call in for one. He lucked out and saw a friend who worked next door and borrowed his and she *****ed about that too! (I wish I knew how to scan the crazy bicth and her husband's letter in here for you all to see. 3 pages of fiction and embellishment-we've been by three times to confront them and they aren't there or in meetings.)

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