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    keeprite a/c opinion

    G'day Lads, thoughts on Keeprite c4a3 and c4a4 in a 1.5 ton? Is it worth the extra cost for the c4a4 as far as quietness or build quality goes? What is the difference between the two other than 1 seer? I see in the 1.5 ton size the weight difference between them is 54 lbs. What did they take out? Thanks for all replies.

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    54 lbs less?? they must have left out the compressor.LOL
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    The C4A4 will get up to 14 SEER with a coil only match and over 15 SEER with matching VS indoor blower. The difference between 13 & 14 SEER at 1.5 ton is a few bucks a year.

    The C4A3 has the new tiny cabinet with a 23x23 footprint at 1.5 tons. That also lowered the weight. Feature wise to the 14 SEER is the same except only has 1 year replacement policy vs 5 year for the C4A4. The C4A3 is quieter but a tad.

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