It has been ages since I've posted here.
I'm responsible for maintenance at 2 bar/restaurants
of which I'm part owner. I'm sitting here waiting
for a back bar refer to equalize after replacing
a valve stem & re-brazing a broken suction line
so I thought I'd return for some advice on another idea.

Condensor coil cleaning is an on-going battle,
especially in the kitchens where a coating of grease
seems to have a particular affection for condensor coils.

I've used any number of commercial grease cutters /
coil cleaners to try and clean them in the past;
with varying results.

Has anyone tried one of those hand held steam cleaners
for this purpose ? I'm thinking of the home models
they advertise in infomercials or something similar.

I'm wondering if the steam would do a better job of
melting the grease & cleaning the coils than the
chemicals do, not to mention making for easier cleanup.
The 200+ deg F steam shouldn't hurt anything so long
as the unit is off.

Has anyone tried this or does anyone see
any issues ?

-brad a.