Seems to be a nice company to work for.

I'm having a little problem finding my way around Kansas City which is making me a little slow.

Also having a little problem with the billing. I was on time and material for the week. They sent a video and a flat rate book home for the weekend.

We had a meeting on Tuesday. First two topics. CLEAN TRUCKS! The owner hands out rolls of quarter. He said if it rains today wash your truck tomarrow. I'm loving this since the last company I worked for didn't believe in cleaning vans. Second was needing people to work on Saturdays. I like to work at least Saturday mornings so my wife can stay home with our childern.

Went on a couple of other peoples callbacks. Didn't like that. I did what was right and will let the chips fall. One was minor. The other is major. The last one a young guy was on, but how do you miss an entire RTU? Space had 4 stats and he said the suite only had 3 RTUs.

Then, Otto, there was this thing about a dirty filter. We have been doing maintance on this building for years. The filter was dated 5 years ago. I told the building owner that it hasn't been properly maintained for years. Now there is a message on my phone that the service manager wants to see me at 7:00 Monday morning. I wonder what about???????