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Thread: Gas Prices.

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    Somewhere in the Caribbean
    We're paying about $3.38 per gallon here in 'Paradise'

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    Gas in Illinois...$2.05 gallon...Gallon of Milk...$3.20...finding a full 40 ounce of malt liquor laying next to a kentucky credit card on the side of the road...priceless.

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    Apr 2003
    With milk so expensive I guess you could put BEER on your cerial

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    Central MN and the Twin Cities
    pd 1.89 per gal today in Mpls suburb
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    Take solace in the fact in Iraq it's only 5 cents a gallon for gas. Wat up??
    Since they can't refine very much gas we do and subsidize it for them.
    Approx cost 500 mil for 3 months.
    I would just be happy to get a partial grant for my kid in college.
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