Does any of the business owners here ever think of things beyond HVAC/R. Possibly another kind of business. Something maybe less demanding, less risky? In my opinion, this business is becoming very risky. The retailing of our trade is becoming prevalant. More and more idiots are starting to run business's and low balling, to be bankrupt down the road, because they have zero idea what it takes. In the meanwhile you hurt due to it. Customers not paying your bills. Increased liability from the over zealous sue happy society, high insurance. Corporate America and their lack of respect for what we provide them and in turn them asking for even more price concessions or they threaten to use A$$ Crack HVAC.

I use to balk at these fix it artists like airtime 500 and the like. They and others have done some studies suggesting on average the mechanical contractor is only seeing anywhere between 2% to 10% profit margin in any given year. Thats a little too little for reinvestment.

I see this from my small little world. If I was a ten million dollar major mechanical contractor, and diversified amongst all the disciplines my veiw may be much different. But myself, I have a small little gig, it was bigger, but it was not easier or more money. It was trading dollars. And it felt like all I was doing was being a ***** to someone who was willing to give me a job and I took their price. I had to make the payroll somehow. Although more profitable now, I still see all the same problems. I don't have a lack of business, I simply have a business that given all variables is simply a job. By the time it all balances out, given the amount of earnest effort put in, I am only ahead by so much as compared to working for someone else. I do not want to go that route. I'd like to find something else that I could try, hobby with while doing this and find something that may be more of what I am looking for financially. Which is always a never ending way of reducing risk while making more. Opposite of the popular mantra of the more risk the more cash.