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    Originally posted by acmanko
    Winning one with James ain't no big accoplishment!!!!!!!!!!
    Like becoming a ****site supporter***** eh?

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    Originally posted by condenseddave
    Originally posted by sodadude
    Originally posted by condenseddave
    Ignore it all.

    Drink coffee.
    128 fluid ounces a day. Top that.
    I drink about 4-5 pots of black coffee every day. Year round. I have not one clue how many ounces that translates to, nor do I really want to know.

    (Those are standard, 12 cup pots. Mr. Coffee, I go through about three coffeemakers a year.)
    I bow before thee. You win.
    I pray not for an easy life but that I be a strong person.

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    The baby pens ain't out of it yet.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    Originally posted by Diceman
    The baby pens ain't out of it yet.
    You obviously suffer from chronic erectile dysfunction.

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    4-5 POTS a day...........

    daaaaaaaaammmmm. No wonder yur up til the wee hours.

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