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    We have a lennox supply house in our area that you can't call direct to get parts anymore. When you call the old number you are redirected to another number in Dallas Texas. The supply house is still there but doesen't stock anything much, so you have to pay shipping on almost everything. Anybody else having this problem ? I'm getting burned out on Lennox.

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    We got burned out on Lennox, and Trane too, and Waterfurnace too, years ago for that very reason. We just had to start adding the freight charge to the customer's bill or the estimate. Then, we can either have it shipped or drive 3 hours to get it. With that said, I have sold 1 Lennox in the last 3 years and it was dead on arrival, I don't even bid Lennox anymore unless a cutomer requests it. Now, after being a Lennox dealer for decades we sell mostly Goodman. Our profits and productivity has skyrocketed, and believe it or not, the Goodman's are proving to be more reliable than Lennox.....and the warranties are better.....and they're cheaper
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    The Lennox supply house is still open here. They almost always have the parts I need in stock.

    Here, Carrier is the very worst about not stocking anything and they always charge shipping when it's not in stock, even when it's a fast moving part. The shipping charge doesn't bother me as much as the customer being without heat or a/c. Don't know why they bother to have a parts house with no parts. They might as well just turn it into a telephone operation.

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    Dave Lennox sucks!
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    "Dave Lennox sucks!"


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    More than once I have been at the local lennox distributor,had the part sitting on the counter called the 800 number just to give the po to either the people in texas or toronto and was told the distributor did not have that item in stock.

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