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    For a little background, right now I am 16. I am about to go on summer break and the last two years of my schooling will be at Lorain County JVS. There I will take H&AC. I shadowed there and its a great class. The teacher is nice and helpful and a real contractor. He told me alot about the program. Like how its not like any other trade school becuase when you pass a test or something you get a real certificate that is acceptable nationwide. This way, I get all my certificates WHILE I am at school. And we also work on real problems. Donated machines, school issues, and people's issues at home. Over the summer, you can also get jobs that are career related if you have good attendence. Great school huh?

    Well about me. I really hate deskjobs and crappy robot jobs. I love computers but I couldn't stand the thought of just typing and typing the most boring crap. Entering invoices, doing TPS reports, returning staplers, and crap like that. I am fine with manual labor as long as it isn't too greuling. I think I am good at dealing with pepole even though sometimes I can be cynical(Not too often. Just bad days I guess). I also like to sit around and play a lot.

    Some questions about related jobs:

    How are the hours?

    How is the pay?

    How is the pay in relation to amount of work?

    How is the job in terms of enjoyment?

    Is there a good amount of socializing?

    How do you find out unknown problems?

    Does this job take alot away from your lives?

    How is the flow of chicks?

    Thanks. And boy am I pissed that I accidentally did not capitalize my name. GRRR.

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    1. long
    2. depends on what u know
    3. same as above
    4. enjoyment...........roflmao
    5. rather not be bothered when troubleshooting!
    6. ask
    7. yes
    8. this week......... had a 17 year old cutie answer the door in her panties and bra

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    Boss will help ya capitalize it.

    How is the flow of chicks?

    HVAC dudes get laid all the time by the hottest (or during winter, the coolest) most desperate women in the world!
    My doctor gave me six months to live, but when I couldn't pay the bill he gave me six months more.
    Walter Matthau

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    it is a shocking..hard working..never ending...24/7/365 time for chicks...barely time to count my money...but you only stop learning the day you quit the business

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    So... Hours are like 12 or more???? Need some straight answers here.

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    The only sure thing in this business is that nothing is for sure

    I have slow days and days where I work 12 or more hours. Installs in small crawlspaces or veryyyyy hot attics in the summer is really hard work. Chicks are a plus you will see a lot of them and a lot of old chickens as well. There is a lot of money to be made in this trade if you don't mind a lot of hard work and long hours. Usually you don't have a whole lot of time to spend the money so it turns into more money. This is just my own opinion everyone has their own. So to answer your questions this may not be the best job for you. There are long hours and hard work in places most people don't like to be in. Other than that it is great if you have some cojones and want to work.

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    Read about our lives right here in these threads.

    You will see more this way than by what some will post to your direct question on the subject.

    It takes discipline.
    It takes dedication.
    The weather makes it hard for us to work since most of what we do is outside in the elements.

    I dont wish to pop your bubble, but that class your speaking of ... we've all heard that same story line so many times ... it just makes us wanna puke "slimers" at the thought of it.
    Sure they tell you you will get real world hands on opportunities.

    But unless you are working in the trade during the day and attending this class in the evenings, your screwed! Period!
    And during the day while your at work, you need to be joined at the hip with a qualified Mentor.
    Otherwise ... in my opinion, your screwed! AGAIN!!!

    Education is the fire in a Blacksmith's Forge. But hands on work, in the field, daily, this is the Blacksmith's Anvil. It is where the knowledge is applied. Finally, there is the Mentor; this is the Blacksmith's Hammer. He is guiding you each and every step of the way.
    Without him, the rest is nearly just a waste of time and effort.

    Edu at night.
    Work alongside a qualified Mentor during the day.

    Then, as you find time, come here and post your questions and make your comments.

    I've got one for you ...just for fun a search using this site's search tool. Look up the word goat in the subject line. For the author of the search use the screen name Diceman.

    Then read thru everything you find.

    And come ... join us all in supporting this Fantastic Site!

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    Thanks guys. I guess I am just going to have to buck up and face the career. I just wonder if you still get ANY time to stay at home and have any fun. I also wonder if there are any days off or anything.

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    YES... It is great I love it. It isn't so bad. You get time off like other professions.

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    10 hour days are the norm for me. Winter time more like 16 hours but you got to love OT.
    Pay its all about what you know and what you do.
    Enjoyment I think that about the person & what you are doing. But like any job some place are nice and some place Sux. I dont think any tech like being up on a roof in the winter or in a rat filed basement.
    socializing: Dont let the boss see you."thats what the supply house is for"
    Yes 365 days a year pepole need heat,air, or hot water
    chicks; Only pissed off house wifes.

    Bro its like any other line of work its all about what you make it. Never stop learning Never stop reading and try to stay up on new stuff. I wish you the best of luck.
    Tin Knockers BANG for a living

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    Cap'n K

    The job is great. Depending on what field you take, there are several specialties, you may work LONG hours all year long or have peaks and valleys. You could do industrial refrigeration, DDC building automation, residential, commercial or industrial HVAC. The pay is good once you get a few years on your resume and show you know what you're doing. You'll get out of this job whatever you're willing to put into it.

    As for the chicks, this is a job. Find chicks on your own time. Then again, maybe I have blinders on because I'm happily married to a beautiful "chick" for almost 13 years now.

    And finally, the job is always challenging and changing. I think you'll enjoy it, love it, hate it but never fully regret it.

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    Hey koons, you are doing the right thing. I followed the same path you are going down. I did 3 years of VoTech in high school. My senior year I got on an internship with a Hyatt Hotel in my area. I recieved a schollarship to trade school for outstanding workmanship from my VoTech class. I am now 28 years old and live a better life than ALOT of people out there. It will be tough on you,atleast your first few years in the biz but you can make a hell of a living. Yes it is hard work but we also get paid well for it. As far as job security goes, you should always have a job anytime, anywhere you go !! Hope this helps you out a little.

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    Hours can be long if it's really cold or really hot it also depends on the size of the company you work for the more guys there are the more calls get covered. You will probably start out low on the pay scale and work your way up. I enjoy what i do my dad started me in the trade and i've been hooked ever since(14 years now).It can take over alot of your time if you let it you sometimes just have to step back and not let yourself get burnt out. of course theres always overtime and if you can get it take it. and finally chicks are always around, office chicks with short skirts and low cut shirts great when working on a ladder!!!! hey good luck with what ever you do keep us in mind for your first service call ya need help were here.

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