I'm not trying to trick anyone, especially since i don't know all. But I would like to poll all readers for professional development reasons

What does it take to make acid?
Moisture, florine or chlorine gas, and heat. (statement and question)

So if a system was installed and maintained leak free how would it develop acid in it?
Because it should lack moisture from proper evacuation techniques right?

Acid away? If you nuetralize the acid from a system and do not correct the heat souce can it re-activate?

Leaks can only occur on the low side? I was told it is an old statement from systems with gases that run hg" on low side. So now how do air & non-condensibles enter a system that leaks but has positive pressures on high and low side of system while operating and off-cycle? My understanding is the venturi effect will pull these into system.

What is a burn-out really? have known some who called all comp. elec. failures burn-outs. i have an idea but want to hear what you guys think