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    What do y'all recomend for carrying as truck stock.

    I guess you got an idea of the ancient stuff I am working on. Hussman SuperPlus racks ... and the like.

    Dave, did you ever check out those rebuilt valve plate assemblies for the lower price?


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    I know I am still new to this but I carry.....a buttload of contactors, relays for fans, and defrost heaters, some good hoses...LOL.......8" hussman blades, 9w motors, 8145's, T-Stats, assortment of superhoses, sentronic's, and lately and few evapoway pans asst. voltage's and wattage.....We have a pretty good shop stock so things are always easy to get.....

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    Carry the things that can not be jury rigged. Oil failure, demand cooling, dual pressure, full range tstat, power heads for the common case valves, a butt load of refrigerant, and most important

    the magic wand.

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    Originally posted by refer dude 2479
    the magic wand.
    Ah yes, If ya ain't got one of these all the larnin in the world won't do ya no good.

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