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    Going back to God's country for the weekend - got the dirtbikes and artillery loaded, counting the minutes until my kid gets off the bus tomorrow and we can head out. If I get the home pc fixed by tomorrow and can unload my camera I will get some pics and post them here - that is if I can remember the dang password for Imagwiz.

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    Gonna be chilly at night here, bring some sweats.
    Was in the 80's for weeks but of course on Mem day when the pools open, it's getting cold again.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    Penciltucky pool heater

    12-pack of I-C Light and jump in the deep end. Let the yellow tide roll in.

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    Going to Potter County? I think the weather is going to be nice this weekend. Keep an eye open for elk on your way there. PA has got some of the biggest elk. I'm going boating on the Clarion River, so I'm praying for good weather.

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    I am also going to Pa for the weekend, Uniontown area.

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    Lancaster for me to visit the in-laws, which means no IC, no artilery, no pool, just smiling and nodding a lot. Hope yins have fun for me.

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    Yeeeeeeeeeaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa
    Pennsylvania...........what a mess.

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    I think that pennsylvania is the most popular state here on H-talk. Seems everyone is there or going there. If they never been there they wish they were there.

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