I meet my partner to do a change out on a deli case coil. No big deal my co-worker tells me on the phone.

Hardly anyone left inside the market as we cart in our tools.

Then at eleven, they lock the doors and everyone leaves.
Everyone that is ... save for the "Night Stocking Crew".

"Night Stalkers" is more like it .... they played rap music so loud I could hear the torch blazing.
They kept stoping by to watch us work and ask questions.
They claimed they did A/C install work ... during the day. This was just their part time jobs .... 11 PM til 5AM.

Yeh Right.

First thing that got to me was that unforgettable sight of that fuzzy stuff! that GROWTH ....inside the case!!!

What the hell is THAT STUFF???

That stuff's so UGLY and funky ... it makes Toe-Jam look like a condiment!

Some of those little white fuzzy funky shapes reminded me of fresh cotton in the fields around where we live!

And then ... once we got down to where we were pullin' the bottom screws outa the old coil ... there was this stuff looked like "Sushi" .... melted sushi.....OLD SUSHI!!!

And then that rap music.

And then ... the guys workin the store ... they couldnt find the dog gone key to let us outa there!!!

We were prisoners!!!

I held up a pry bar and told the boys ... "I have the KEY to let us all outa here!!!"
One way or the other ... we ARE getting outa here!!!"

Lesson .... NEVER EVER goido a job like that when your hungry!
You end up wanting to eat whatever is in sight inside the store.
And worse.... you wanna eat whatever you can get your hands on ... in the next case over ...... even though you know what's GROWING inside that case!!!