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    I was looking at a Pureatech CAP system recently. I was comparison shopping for other systems and was told by a rep at Abatement technologies (also in Atlanta, GA) that Pureatech had gone into bankruptcy and also had several civil suits pending against it. Does anyone know if this is true? Also what type of CAP would you recommend for a 33 year old home in GA that has a damp basement and an owner with allergies year round?

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    i would not recommend puratech even if they were in business...when i complained about them the ceo called me and gave me his cell number to discuss my issues..maybe it is time to return his

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    Filtration is the last option to improve IAQ according to the EPA. Source control is #1. Deal with the source of your problem which is most likely the damp basement. Mold needs moisture and food to grow. You cannot remove the food as you are living in it. Remove the moisture and you reduce the potential for mold.

    Whatever you do, do not run your fan 24/7 in any of Pureatechs former markets.

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