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Thread: cut throat

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    I find I agree we both sides.
    If a customer is not loyal to begin with to the competition who calls me to cover for them. What I'm I stealing that would'nt be taken from him anyway? Maybe the Customers are not happy with the service there getting.
    I guess I'm going to have to be professional yet agressive. And the first time the competition fails to show they will call me again or vice versa.

    Do any of you own your own business?

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    Yes, I own my own business, and that's a lousy way to get a lousy customer. Customers like this will stab you in the back just as quick as they did your competition. I've found that there's basically no customer loyalty. I've had some customers who've been with me from the start, and I've had them go to the competition to save $200. Some of these customers I will no longer service because of that. The others, which are larger accounts, I swallow my pride, and each call I get from them, I tack on my "disloyalty fee"
    It's better to find a contractor that you can work with, than to steal one of his disloyal customers who will slit your throat the first time you're $50 too high or 1/2 hour late.

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    Discuss the possibility of a Strategic Alliance with contractor who called you. They may be strong on some areas where your company is weak, vice versa. Could possibly benifit you both?

    We have competetion that we call or they call us occasionally for certain things, neither gives away the farm but it appears to work well for both.

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