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    1940 YORK Ice Machinery Compressor

    Anyone seen this antique?

    The front seal leaks. I'm getting ready to tear it down and try to replace it.
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    Is that for R-717?

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    I don't know, it's being using it as an air compressor.

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    I got it torn down. The shaft has no play so, all I have to get is the seal.

    1 x 1.75 x .32 seal. I'm headed to the parts store tomorrow.

    The seal is just to the right.
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    I got it going. I'll bet not many of these thing are running. I put up a vid on youtube.

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    Post a link to the video

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    I used a 5F20 open drive for year's.

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    I use to work on stuff like that. If the seal was not available we would use thick leather and let the oil level be at the level of the seal to keep it soaked then it would seal, well, mostly.
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    york compressor

    I have one of these compressor pumps also. I have not been able to find out much about it. Mine came attached to a Century Electric 1/2 hp repulsion start induction rum motor. Both are in exellent condition. I listened to the compressor run on your Youtube post and mine sounds identical. I was told ic came from a ac unit some where. I found it tossed in the corner of a boat yard and talked them into letting me take it.

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