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    I have the chance of buying a used Lennox HS18-211-6P AC Condenser (in Toronto). I have been told that the unit is 2 ton and 4-5 yrs old. My question is this correct? (Info not on Lennox website). Also what things should I check/look for before I buy? The chap is allowing me to try the unit, if it doesn't work he will take it back. No A-Coil supplied though.

    Any info/help is appreciated.



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    No Way ..

    Stay away from used. how are you going to try this with no acoil? the only thing good used is a car,at least on them you can check car fax. but with a/c there is no history and it is all word of mouth on used, save your sanity have a company install a new system for you.

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    Only a fool would buy a Lennox. You'll be the laughing stock of the territory. Your kids will be taunted at school. Your wife wont be able to shop at her favorite grocery store without people whispering about her dumb husband. So don't do it!

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    Its a 1.5 ton or approx 21000Btu, thats where the model number is derived from. Way more than 4 or 5 years old. Look at the serial number, the third and forth digit is the year.

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    HS18's are more than 4-5 years old, most are nearing 20....they're BSing you on that. The HS18 were also a "not so good unit" when new and now most of them are dying and being changed out. If you really want one we have one sitting on our back dock I'd pay you $15 to haul away...It works but not good.

    I'd save yourself a big headache and repair costs, steer clear from it.
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