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    I work for a company that recently listed an HVAC business for sale. I am trying to find avenues in which I can advertise this business. Does anyone have any suggestions for publications in which I should advertise? Any other ideas on how to get the word out to HVAC companies and people?

    Any ideas, magazine titles, websites, or otherwise would be greatly appreciated!

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    Residential? Commercial? Who are you targeting? Engineers? Designers? Average Joe?

    A good start is to look at the trade magazines published by each society - ASHRAE, ASPE, SMACNA, etc.
    Some magazines that can be found easily on the 'net:
    Engineered systems mag
    Consulting-Specifying Engineer

    You could also ask around at different places where others' sell, whether at commercial locations or through salesmen.

    Good luck

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    Sorry! The company we are representing does mostly commercial HVAC and refrigeration work. We would want to target either a company that is looking to expand or an individual with experience in the industry that is interested in going into business for him or herself.

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    how about the news

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    Originally posted by bmf
    how about the news
    You mean the Airtime500 weekly?????

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