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Thread: In the Family

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    my Dads in the business funny thing though I trained him! I got atasrted at 16 and I asked my dad what trade I should go into and he said refrigeration so I did now many years later Hes a fridgie too - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    My dad and uncle are both in the business. My grandad owned a small grocery store, so my dad had lot's of equipment to 'learn on'. I know that he started with an ICS correspondence course in the 1960's, and trained himself from there. As technology progressed, he just kept up. He retired about 2 years ago as refrigeration supervisor of a 11 store grocery chain. He still works when he wants to with me.

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    My Dad and Uncle had a plumbing and heating business. When I was a kid, I thought all the tools and fittings were pretty cool. He passed away before I was old enough to work there. The business got sold/given to my uncles kids who had little or no work ethic, and was disolved shortly afterwards. My son wanted to be an HVAC tech but I talked him into being an electrician. He's taking his apprenticeship aptitude test on Tuesday!

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    No one in my family, but my mother worked in a telephone switching office as a troubleshooter, only woman in the company to have that job, guess I got my mechanical knack from her, when i was 4 I would rather take my toys apart than play with them, so my grandfather hid the tools from me, I learned the butter knife as a flathead screwdriver trick all on my own I discovered electricity the hard way also

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    I am service manager, cousin is install manager, my wife is dispatcher and my uncle owns the place. 13 employee's total.

    I guess you can say it's in the family.
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