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    There has got to be a much better way to see what is going on inside those evaporators!

    I open the FF lineup and lok for air flow ... nothing in this case. Move on to the next one. Ahhh ... airflow.

    So I'm thinking... the coil is feeding better in here than over there. Must be a freon problem or feeding problem. WRONG.... the drain's pluged and iced! AUGH!!!

    I found today that if I use my pocket inspection probe I can stick it into the fan blades and try to turn the blades to see if they are frozen in place in the pan of ice that's possibly there.

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    Check your pan heaters.
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    Blocked drains are...

    a distressingly common problem when you consider it reflects the low frequency of case cleaning in supermarkets.

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    Usually easy to spot on glass doors, but not most display cases.
    Airflow with the Alnor is not always a good indicator, seen cases (island freezers) where the ice buildup is after the coil in the dicharge plenum and the air velocity looks good until completely blocked off. Then plllllllllllllllllhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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