I spent a few hours researching gas fireplaces on the net last week. When I finally found a brand I liked I called the sales rep. I told him I would like some info on his units and asked about becoming a dealer. He told me that the closest dealer for the specific brand I was interested in was 100 miles from me but that there was a local dealer that sold one particular model of this brand. He said there should be no problem with becoming a dealer and he would be up in my area within a few weeks and would contact me after he spoke to the other dealers. I asked him why he needed to speak to them and he said that he wanted to run the idea of my company selling this brand through them first to get their approval.

Is it me or is there something wrong with this. It really pisses me off that he would even say this to me. I'm waiting for him to show up so that I can tell him that after interviewing three other reps I decided to go with one of them. (kinda like the tv commercial where the HO's interview loan companies.) This just does'nt seem like something a rep should tell anyone.