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    I'm surprised to see both liquid solenoids and suction stop on some or all of the subcircuits. We have similar circuits all using suction stop only, no need for 2 valves, the suction stop best controls temp, defrost and problems with service case icing all in one. The liquid line solenoid is not needed on these kind of multi circuited systems and is a source for more maintenance and leaks. CHING CHING ok I call for LL solenoids everywhere.

    I Like those Comtrol systems and the assigned suction floats, have 1 store that uses fresh meat as primary float assignment and no epr's or other temp control on that system and it maintains proper temp through the controller using that system as it's setpoint. Works good!
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    Let's start a movement. I'm with Ned too.

    If you are any good with the word processor you might write up the recommendations and pass them on to your employer to forward to the customer for thier review. If your employer has a relationship with the construction managment team for the store you may be able to empliment some changes in their specs and them go back on all of the other stores and retro the control settings. Could be a big smiley face for you and your employer.

    Then again could be a waste of time. Have had it go both ways.

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