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Thread: evap freeze up

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    working on a old 4 door reach in cooler twin evap cooler
    one evap consintly freeze up 2fans per evap all are running to full speed cleaned coil of problem evap. the coil seems to flood the minute the unit is started frost line starts at the outlet of txv and continues through out coil. other evap is not effected

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    You don't mention other evap temp., sounds like that valve is not opening causing lower than normal suction pressure on functioning coil, this will cause icing as the unit run times are longer without both txvs functioning. Problem most likely in the warm coil. good luck

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    Mike, ya probaly got a dead powerhead on the TX valve that's NOT feeding refrigerant.

    You said that "other coil is not affected". Does this mean the other coil is good temp?

    Your lookin for about 12 degrees over the coil, maybe a little more. Maybe fourteen to fifteen degree split across the coil.

    So... if the good coil is doing 12 to fifteen and the other coil is flodding back ... frosting up the evaporator ... maybe you have a TX overfeeding.

    More info please.

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