Please, I need some help. I just graduated from Apex Tech in the city. All throughout school, instructors told me how after school I would get some job as an apprentice and work under a mechanic who would show me the ropes. I felt comfort in this notion. I just got hired by a company of "restauranteurs" in the city. These guys own 8 restaraunts in Manhattan. They hired me to be their Refrigeration Technician. They offered me above and beyond what I ever expected to get just after school despite the fact that I told them that I really had minimal field experience.
Here is my issue. I have never had any experience with Icemakers or walk-in type refrigerators. I have had very little experience with low-boys or any other type of commercial application for that matter.
Today was my first day... The new Boss (not in the ref. field) tells me to go check pressures on the units to see if they are operating properly.
I really have no idea what optimum pressures would be.
I'm not even positive of what refrigerant is in these systems.
Bottom line... if there is anyone with some type of helpful info that may keep me from getting fired from my first job out of school, it would be greatly appreciated.