How do y'all pass gas from one rack into another .... for recovery/ isolation purposes?
And ... how do you recharge a rack or a given system when they need a hundred or two hundred pounds of freon?

I dont have a big problem with getting the gas off my truck. I now carry hundreds of pounds of refrigerant everywhere with me.

It's the part about getting the stuff up into the motor room that about kills me.

It would sure be nice if everyone who built a store did so with Icemeister's specs.
He sugested running copper from the motor room all the way down to the loading dock where your truck could pull up and recharge thru the line to the rack.

None of my stores have such a line.

Personally, I would be happy if there was simply a line that ran down from the motor room to where the landing of the ladder was.

Maybe y'all are just Hearty Men who have special back packs that carry two or three jugs of refrigerant on your back. And going up and down a ladder with 90 pounds of gas is NOT a problem for you.