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    good post! You sound like you both take care of your customers AND employees!
    I guess it takes an old technician not forgetting where he came from to see this! Congrats on your ventures!!!


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    Originally posted by s tek
    If i charged 125hr I wouldn't be in business next month.
    I would love to charge that much I'm over 50 and been doing service call for 30t yrs. I can only charge as much as my comp or they will have it all.
    Generally it do’s not happen that way. What happens is the customers tell your comp what you are charging and they raise there rates.

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    Lusker, your a Hero amongst us. Good job.

    I dont thingk I would want to handle that traffic though.

    I have enough trouble with Austin traffic.

    By the way, another word for Austin is "Congestion".

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    Alot of it comes down to dollars/man hour. If you can sell 2 big items and work 4 hrs., you can make as much as 20 hrs. labor.

    I've watched this father/son company in our area grow to a $500,000 annual/net refrig. business and most of this is made from buying and selling used equipment. 20 years ago they had 1 quonset, gravel floor, bunch of used equip. Today they haave 4 quonsets (full of new and used equip.), cement floors, paintshop, shears, brakes, 4 wheel drive tractors, combines, etc. etc. Not to mention the sections of land rapidly growing in value and the writeoffs when you're also doing farm and cattle biz.
    Best way to make money in this industry is by knowing who needs what and who's got what.
    Thats my opinion after seeing 2 guys flipping equip. versus 20 guys doing service and installs for the last 20 years.
    Watts New, Ohm My, I been Electrically Commutated. Are U2.

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    Yeagh, I use to think that way..

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    I tried that as a side job to make ends meet before going it on my own. It was nice $$$. (For a while)

    After that I would have to spend more time collecting re-build parts and running down my customers to get paid. Not a good way to spend your weekend... but I must admit... The money was good!

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    Angry Pay-Rate For a "MARKET-MAN"

    Well union scale is $27.45 per hour here. last year I made $80-K but that was with alot of overtime. Union is where the better money is at. most of the non-union people I talk to in my area are getting $18 to $23 per hour and getting "HOSED" by there employer!! There are a "FEW" non-union shops paying union scale byt they are "VERY-FEW". The company that "FREEZE-KING-2000" used to work for is in my area. I would love to work for them they pay $$$ "DOUBLE-TIME" after midnite WHICH "IS-NOT" a union requirement. but the "SHYSTER" "LOW-BIDDER" I currently work for underbids them and takes alot of work away from the better contracters. So for the time being I am stuck.

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    Uncle to bad I was not in the union since i was in the Connecticut division. We did get double time on Sunday , but that was it. Even non-union we still had a good pension and they do pay scale+ to a few !

    WE did get time and a half if we worked before 8 or after 4:30 even if we did not work the day shift as long as it was scheduled or as long as we were only off the clock for 8 hours.

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