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    working on a walk in pop cooler with an outside condensing unit. The liquid sight glass looks brown and milky; almost looks like mud. The compressor and fan are running, but inside evaporator coil is froze up. Any ideas of what to do?

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    I think a good start would be thawing out the evap coil, replacing the sight glass and installing a fresh liquid line filter drier. If the compressor is a semi-hermetic, take an oil sample.

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    If the unit is a semi-hernia-metic ..... (I'm gonna patent that name ) you should consider doing the job a favor and change the oil inside the compressor.

    But yea, pumpit down, replace those two components; drier and sightglass .... get all ... every speck of ice ...OFF the coils and then see what you got.

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    First, find out why the cooler is down. It's not down because of a dirty old sightglass.

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    Originally posted by condenseddave
    First, find out why the cooler is down. It's not down because of a dirty old sightglass.
    The coil's iced. That means the dew point of his liquid refreshment went down to sub atomic level. And so's obvious he has a system which is low on charge.

    Or ... someone partially blocked his doomi-hichey...

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    That cooler must had refrigerant leak somewhere on low side to the point that too much water is shown up in the sighglass.

    One quick way to find out is testing the cutout of low pressure control and see if it's cut out below O lb, vacuum will suck in moisture through the leak spot , next find the leaks and correct it....then new drier, sighglass and fresh gases.

    I like the ideas of oil change on(poly ester)but sometime second drier also work next couple day if you have to.

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    Did someone add leak checking dye to the oil? That will make the compressor sight glass look like there is mud in the oil. This can carry over to the liquid line if your compressor is pushing oil. It does sound like you have a problem. I would do the things guys are reccomending here, quickly! Roger
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