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    Good thing there is a tow hook on front. Your gonna need it!
    Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut.

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    You should see the truck out of picture in front of my work truck. It's my fun truck. It's a 1987 3/4ton Chevy 4x4. I dumped a $5000 well built 350 4 bolt in it 2 years ago. It also has a turbo 350 trans. and 4:10 gears, it hauls major ass. In the past couple of years nearly everything has been replaced on it, the only thing NOT new on it is the body.

    Ofcourse since it gets 6mpg on a good day, other than mud drags it just sits until gas prices come down a bit.

    It don't need no tow hooks. ....I pulled a '94 Ranger 4x4 sideways down the road one day....damn friends talked me into it.
    There are 3 ways to do anything in life; Good, Fast, Slow: You can pick any 2.

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