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    Called on a job a few years ago with a "hot call" ac complaint.
    Home warranty company had replaced the horiz. gas furnace, in the attic, a day before Thanksdgiving. Found the furnace was sucking attic air because the RA plenum was shy by 6" to being attached to the furnace.

    Closer look, I realized that the furnace was setting on bricks and the furnace outlet was "aimed" 6" to the supply outlet. No attempt was made to hook-up either plenum.
    The installers probably made it to the liquor store in plenty of time before it closed.

    Home owner got his money's worth with the $35 deductable.

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    Sounds like that new furnace was a little shorter than they thought. No inspection stickers on it either I bet. Was the gas line short as well? hehehehe
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    I can't see the picture on my computer. What happened?

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    It's hard to get duct tape to reach 6".

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