Hi everyone. I'm glad I found this website!

In September, we're closing on a new home close to Toronto, Ontario, Canada where two-thirds of the year, the climate can be considered cold.

Question 1.
If I have the air exchanger set up as Exhaust Ducted vanEE Air Exchanger Installation, would I still be required to install the CFM exhaust fans in each of the washroom?


From the below article (though this is for warmer climates), it seems like separate exhaust fans is recommended.

"Davis recommends that bathrooms be equipped with independent exhaust fans and vents."


Question 2.
Can anyone here advise me as to how to ensure that the Exhaust Ducted Air Exchanger installation by the builder is done optimally, especially since construction has not begun? From the above article (advancedenergy), there seems to be a lot of ways to fumble on the ERV / duct installation.

I'd also be interested in any websites out there that I can peruse to get a better understanding of this.

Question 3.
Will an ERV be better than a HRV in cold climates such as in the Great White North? I read that HRV only transfers heat while ERV can do both heat and moisture.

Unlike in the United States, this ERV/HRV is nascent in Canada and many opt not to have these systems installed.

Thank you so much.