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Thread: Ruud vs. Bryant

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    Ruud vs. Bryant

    Hi all,

    I'm a H/O looking into replacing a 25 y/o Lennox furnace and A/C. House is a 55 y/o, 2500 sq. ft. ranch in the Pittsburgh area.

    I've had multiple quotes with multiple manufacturers, and I have it narrowed down to two. I have about equal confidence in the contractors.

    Option #1
    Ruud 2-stage ECM motor UGRM10 105k BTU Furnace
    Ruud 16 SEER 2-stage UARL048 48k BTU A/C
    w/ 2-stage Ruud control and Aprilaire 2400 media cabinet

    Option #2
    Bryant Evolution 3-stage ECM motor 355CAV 120K BTU Furnace
    Bryant Evolution 17 SEER 2-stage 187ANA 48K BTU A/C
    w/ Evolution control and media cabinet.
    This costs 18% more than Option #1

    My questions are these:
    Is the Evolution system worth the price jump for seemingly comparable equipment?
    Will I get the most out of the Ruud system with a simple 2-stage Ruud thermostat(200 series)?

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    The Evolution Control along with the motor in the Bryant furnace ,will provide superior dehumidification while in cooling.

    Here in Florida,with the Infinity/Evolution, most customers report turning the indoor temperature up, 1 to 3 degrees , as the low humidity makes it feel thyat much cooler. Utility says 6-8% saving for each degree warmer that you set it.

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    The Ruud is not gonna fully reach 16 seer in 4 ton. Niether is the Bryant. If the install is the same go with the Ruud. More simple control and a better built unit. Side by side there is no comparison. 18% is a lot for a resi job

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