So after spending my lunch trouble shooting a fan motor for a friend. Telling her why no air is blowing ... classic.. the filter kept getting so dirty we thought we were better off leaving it out.

so i come home... hot and sweaty... like i just filmed a porno and decide that yes... my air conditioning will come today. Yes... cool conditioned air. Mind you I just bought this house. Been in it since Feb. The system is an 80% but it looks rough. I knew it was going to need replacing sooner than later but I figured hell, I'm in school to fix these, I can drag out it's existance.

So i turn on the AC. the fan outside is humming away. Then i go inside... but something smells funny. I go down stairs and look at the furnace, looks good. But it's really quiet. i put my hand on it and its vibrating slighly. Hmmmm. It was louder in the winter.
i remove the door, and check the air flow. (system is so old there is no door interlock) Yes the fan is moving... although not entirely too fast. No way fast enough to move cold air like it needs to. i check to see if there are motor speed options ... the furnace though is so old that the nameplate info has faded away. i smell something funny.. something smells like fire... but i don't see any. I stare at the unit some more.


i go around to all the vents, they are blowing cool air... but it smells funny. Everything seems to be working right.

i go back down to the fan blower... open the door again, check to see if anything is blocking the air intake. look at the motor.. everything LOOKS fine.

i shut the door again and I hear... zip zaphhhfff zip zip zaphhh

i open the door and flames are shooting out of the motor.. electrical fire... fricka frak!!!! I take care of the little blaze... and think... I can fix it!!

but then the wife reminds me that we have home owners insurance... so i decide not to touch a thing.. drop 50 and get it replaced.

Mind you all the above took place in 20 minutes. From the minute I turned it on I was running round the house checkin crap. That fire came quick. I'm just glad I was there and that the wife didn't turn it on when I was away... things could of been much worse.