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    McQuay WSHP Microtech3

    Anyone have a procedure for using the J1 test jumper on a McQuay WSHP w/microtech3 controller?

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    JP1 Jumper Use and Operation

    Here is the description of the JP1 jumper from the Operation Manual for the McQuay MicroTech III water source heat pump unit controller OM 931 which can be found here. Please refer to this document for safety information about performing this process.

    • Disconnect power to the unit when installing or
    removing the high-speed jumper.
    • The high speed jumper should only be used for
    a short period of time for testing of the unit’s
    operation by a trained service technician. The
    jumper must be removed for normal unit operation.
    • If the jumper is left on after system check out, the
    unit may be damaged.

    Basically you will power the unit down, install the jumper, and power the unit back up. With the jumper installed the timers such as compressor minimum on, and compressor minimum off, are greatly reduced to speed the test and check out process. When finished, power the unit down, remove the jumper, and then power the unit back up. Two things I would like to emphasize would be that this feature should only be used by a trained technician, and that it should only be used temporarily for testing and checkout and then disabled (JP1 jumper removed) or you risk damaging the unit.

    I hope this was helpful and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

    Stefan Yanovsky
    Applications Engineer - Controls Integration
    McQuay International
    a member of DAIKIN group
    866-462-7829 (866-4MCQUAY)

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