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I kick everything FIRST, then back away and watch!
I bet the customers think your a loon.
Actually , it' an old trick taught to me by an old Native American Indian friend. See, when he was young and the white man moved into his neighborhood so did red light houses. So, as a young man he wanted to experience this red light house and its services. The head lady told him he was too young and needed experience first before he could take on one of her women. So she told him to go out back and use the tree that had a knot in it. So he did.

Bout a month later he comes back and the head lady asked if he had praticed on the tree with the knot. Saying yes she excorts him upstairs to Molly's room. So my Indian friend tells Molly to hang out the window which Molly did cause she is use to weird guys doing weird things.

But my Indian friend waits and watches then runs across the room, kicks her in the butt and runs back and waits and watches. He does this a couple of times and Molly can't take it anymore.

So Molly yells at him and wants to know what he is doing. He say "Me check for bees."

So it is the "Me check for bees" technique. Now don't you guys get any ideas about the 1/2 inch electrical knock outs on these units.