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    Originally posted by self employed 1
    im goiing out tonight no supply houses open toninght. ive been to this restraunt b-4, havent had to work on it prior. but i noticed it wasnt marked. any way isnt there a way to do it with a p-t chart, or are they just too close.
    If the system is not clearly marked as to what refrigerant is in there you should recover whatever it is into your "mixed" refrigerant recovery tank, change the drier, evacuate, recharge and mark the system properly. Even with a marked system I'm finding some that are suspect if it's apparent someone else has been there.

    It's more critical these days than ever because there are so many guys out there topping off with whatever they have on the truck or just not marking the systems with what they may have properly recharged with.

    You simply cannot diagnose and service your customer's equipment properly if you are not sure of what refrigerant is in his system. If the customer has been jumping around from one service company to the next, this is the price he will have to pay.....end of the story.

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    There is a portable refrigerant identifier that will identify all the current refrigerants in the market including all R-400 series and R-500 replacement gases. You can charge the customer for identification and its purity and at same time prevent liability and cross contamination. Get it right the first time. Save money and time. Go to for details

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