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Thread: Scotch

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    My son was in England and he knows I like scotch.

    I only used to drink scotch blends, I didn't know about single malts.

    He brought me a sampler of 4 or 5 tiny bottles of single malt scotch.

    OMG, the first one I tasted was Ardbeg. It had a wonderful favor. I found it smooth going down and then it had a noticable (delightful) secondary "kick".
    It was magical.

    I can't explain it, but it ruined the other bottles for me. Maybe it was because it was my first single malt experience but it was surely memorable.

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    I'm mostly a vodka drinker myself but I do keep a bottle of Pinch on top of the cabinet. That 12 years in the barrel sure does make for a smooth taste.

    My coworker brought the brand to my attention. Was at his home for a Christmas get together and he brought out a bottle that was sold to his father in law sometime in the mid 60's. Never had any scotch as smooth as came out of that bottle.

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    The first time I tasted scotch I was 19 and just started working at a brewery a few months before. I was told to work at our retail store (Sold beer and took back empties.) for a week. The two guys I worked with have been there for over 10 years and as I was the rookie they said I was to bring in a bottle of scotch on Saturday night.

    Being a little full of piss and vinegar back then I did bring in a 26 of Johnnie Walker to their surprise. Well we polished it off with beer chasers. I thought it was not bad stuff.

    Not sure what it did to me but since then I have not cared for the stuff, actually I liken the smell to a product called Rubber Dress that was sold at the time and was used to make car tires look new.

    Oh well, years latter a cute bartender turned me on to quality tequila. She did the lemon salt thing, I liked it straight up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forged alloy View Post
    Laphroaig 15 year old is the best I have ever tasted. It goes around $80 a fifth. It is a single malt scotch.

    The ten year old is more affordable, but not near as good IMO.

    They have older bottlings as well, but they are out of my price league, I have never sampled them.
    Your right about Laphroaig. I was at a Scotch tasting a couple years ago and bought a bottle. The Scotsman giving the tasting suggested when drinking neat to add a teaspoon of water. Had to do with the fusel oils. It did mellow it but I don't know why as there is already water in the scotch.
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