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    Originally posted by karsthuntr
    Originally posted by HVAC Pro
    Originally posted by bryantman
    Originally posted by James 3528
    Yes that was them. But one more. The heater wire nut junction should be under the compressor terminal cover and the wire nuts taped.
    Isnt that the thermal overload?
    Seriously? There are no external thermal overloads on anything other than window unit and refrigerator compressors. NOTICE: There are solid core driers that are designed to be installed on the hot gas discharge line. York uses them all the time. Made by Sporlan I believe. Before condemning driers on hot gas lines make sure it isn't one of these models. Of course everyone would recognize a discharge muffler.
    Did you forget the old scroll's with thermal overload on the top that always leak.
    Yes I did forget them sort of... I didn't really think of them as overloads though. More of a PITA!
    There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action....Mark Twain

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    The hot gas filter and oil migration glass are upside down.

    They spelled oyl wrong

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