I just moved in to a brand new house, which has a Carrier Heat pump installed, and it seems too humid in here. I have a humidity sensor, and it seems to stay between 60-64%. I know that this sensor may be off, but in my old house it never went above 52%, and I was in an area with even more humidity. (Mississippi)
I called the company who installed it, (they do all the A/C setups for this development), and the guy who came by really didn't seem to have an answer for me. He reset the thermostat, and said to see if it works any better.
Any thoughts on what to do from here? I just can't seem to feel comfortable; 77 degrees in our old house felt great.
I need to have it at 74 in this one, and when it turns on to go to 73, it feels too cold after a while.
The house is 1914 sq ft, and the unit is a 4-ton model, with the air handler in the attic. This is my first experience with a heat pump. Should I still be able to have the same amount of humidity control as I did with my old gas furnace - A/C setup?