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    Alright now here goes is hard to type this and make it sound like I want it here it goes

    Get a call to this Hoshi and it is beeping 3 times and not making ice is the complaint. I pull the covers off and hit the reset and it goes through the one minute fill cycle and the harvest and then to the freeze cycle. Water float is working properly, WV is not leaking by, and I check the HGV. It is feeding through some but not overwhelming the evaporator. I check to make sure no power is going to the coil and it is not. While it is unplugged the it is still feeding through. That pretty much told me what I wanted to know then. But I check for a circuit through the coil and I have none. Unit cycles into harvest with coil unplugged and pressures start pumping down...ok so I plug it back in and the valve opens fully allowing the ice to fall. Now why did the valve open if I dont have a circuit through the coil? I am guessing the coil is breaking down or something.

    Anyway I try tapping the valve hoping and praying it will close but to no avail. The owner wanted me to jerry rig it but sorry I will not do that for anyone. Any advice from you Hoshi lovers? Scotsman is first on my list and then Hoshizaki.

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    check the thermister i think your problem might be there

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    i'd check the headmaster (change out gv) ohm out your thermister. it's job is to close on temp rise (48 deg.) to start the freeze cycle and end the harvest.

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    northern colorado

    try this

    Has the valve been changes recently?

    Is the direction correct?

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    I never had a coil on a valve that would not show continuity but would electrically operate.

    In other words, the coil was intermittantly good/then bad.
    This may or may not apply, but just for spits and giggles ... check to make sure the coil is of theproper voltage for the circuit it is wired into.

    A higher voltage coil will act funny, for sure.

    Electricity is practically magic anyway. I guess anything is possible in an ice machine.

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