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    Im wanting to know where some of you might get your skipper balls,whips and skipper lines .Im in the hvac buisness and just purchased a machine and compressor.I see heat seal has them and there in canada is there someone closer.The machine I purchased is the heat seal electric vac 2700 cfm anyone know this machine and how well it does.I got it off ebay used, it should be here end of the week.Any way just looking for a good place to get the rest of what I need.What type of balls or whip do some of you recomend.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Heat Seal and DCS are the only 2 manufacturers that I know of. Heat Seal has a large assortment of skipper balls and also sells the Scorpion rod system. The company has great customer service and the owner, Bill Ferns is excellent to deal with. Duct Cleaners Supply (1-800-634-2822) sells the Viper rod system. The owner John Bently has been cleaning ducts himself for many years and is a wealth of information. He would be glad to talk with you personally. Both systems are excellent and all parts are interchangeable between the two.

    Also please join us on the duct cleaners bulletin board.

    and the Duct Cleaners Network at

    Heat Seal is located just outside of Toronto, Canada.
    DCS is south of Minn./St. Paul Minnesota.

    Have a Great Day!

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    Thanks for the info I will check it out.

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