I work as a maintenance manager for a pretty nice Hotel. I'm actually kind of new to hotels but running maintenance departments for big properties is all I've ever done. We all had sort of figured out that the property owners were in the process of selling a few months ago but didn't know too many details. Found out a week ago that an Indian guy had bought us. We all started to panic.

I had the first opportunity to sit down with the new owners today and talk about my department and my role. It's not looking good for me.

I was hired because the last guy used outside contractors for everything. They wanted to take practically everything house...I can do that and in exchange they were paying me pretty good. We do salary surveys with other area hotels and I'm 15K above the average and 9K above the next highest paid. All I heard today was how we don't like to spend money. Now, everytime I place an order, I'm ask for free shipping or negotiate a better deal. I was told that I can't place any orders unless I can get the sellers to drop the price by at least 10%. We're doing some work on a few rooms and have a few rooms out of order each day. No more. Now we sell the rooms even if they're in the middle of repairs.

I had to duct tape (I'm ashamed) PTACS into sleaves that didn't fit tonight so we can sell these rooms (New sleaves haven't arrived yet.) I'm not an econo-lodge but the new owner owns a few. I work for one of the nation's top chains. I'm really depressed over the new "standards".

I wanted to discuss preventative maintenance and how he's handling it at his other properties and pulled out my PM program to show him what we're doing. "If your department has time to do all of this extra work, we'll have to start looking at maintenance hours." he said.

The worst was when he offered to have his "guy" from the econo-lodge come by and try to fix some of the broken AC's in our AC boneyard. These are ones that I've deamed to be beyond repair. I told him that I was pretty sure they weren't worth fixing. "He's pretty good at tinkering with this stuff." he told me.