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    I am a service tech that just does HVAC. My friend called me up today and said his refrigerator at his house wasn't working. I haven't worked on a refrigerator since HVAC school. Well, I found that the start relay was bad. I called Johnstone and got the horse power of the compressor and added the appropriate 3 n 1. The compressor came on and was drawing about 2.5 amps; it is a 1/3 horse compressor. When I was driving home, I started thinking more about the work I did. The neutral wire was going to the run terminal, and it had a piggy back going to the cap. The other side coming from the cap was a white wire going to the start relay. I removed the start relay and put the 3 n 1 start wire directly to this terminal, and the other side of I put the run wire from the 3 n 1. I removed the external overload and put the common at the bottom terminal. I guess I should come to the question. What would happen if I got the start and run windings mixed up? Would the compressor start, and if so, what amperage would it draw? The refrigerator is a 1999 Magic Chef.

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    Mix up the caps and it'll draw massive inrush until the overload pops. May turnover for a bit, but not for very long. (Been there, done that)

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