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    Magnetic Bearing Chillers

    Anyone have experience with the McQuay magnetic bearing chiller? Thoughts?

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    They require little maint, no bearings to go bad the parts "float" I think the touchdown bearings are ceramic or some crap really quiet no friction due to bearings. Energy efficient, They are smaller than compared chillers per ton, No oil coolers pumps and heaters.

    Heres the specs and theres a video
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    Let the machine control the tower on lift.

    Orderly shutdowns, not panic stops.

    Reset alarms with the touch screen or controller rather than cycling power.

    The WMCs I've been around have been fine.
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    Chillers seem to be ok. Experienced discharge check valve failures. Smardt and Multistack make alternatives. York and Mcquay have ther own magnetic compressors out at test sites. Mcquay is going to still use Turbocor on there smaller machines.

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    They work well water cooled.Have not seen a successful air cooled.Anyone else?

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    The Mcquay product (WME) has been released
    Very cool.

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    Have had problems with low pessure alarms,Check valves chatter when #2 starts.Turbocore recommend opening vanes up more Mcuay said to raise start speed.
    Have found 2 different leaks in brass fitting to alliminum body motor cooling line(2 diff chillers diff comp).Other than that they are sweet machines.They now have a 400 ton
    duel and a 500 ton Daiken chiller.They have developed a tt350 for the air cooled market
    and in my opinion the future of the industry.Lift seems to be the problem as with all centifugals,these are floating and turning very fast so they are set up to protect themself through software and most of the time you cant see this ,but you interpet
    it as a compressor problem,wont speed up ,wont slow down,or wont do tonage.If you pay attention to the performance curves in there manuals they stay within them.
    Sorry ,this is getting too long so I end this here.

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