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    I was replacing an old oil filter on a rack this afternoon.

    Damn, shoulda kept my mouth SHUT!!!

    I saw it foamin' .... and I didnt stop there ... I kept twistin' those flare nuts ... and then it happened!!! Bingo ... black foamin' oil all over the place!!!

    In fact, it even went places where oil hasnt gone in a whole lotta years!!! if ya know what I mean....

    Shoulda kept my mouth shut ..... cause that was one of those places the foam went .... that I wished it hadn't...

    When I did the job, I installed a Henry flare hand valve with a flare union. Plus the filter has a tap on it.
    Next guy wont have so much trouble. He can jus valve it off, relieve the pressure and undo the flares.

    Why dont Hussman put Henry's on their filter lines?


    What brand of toothpaste or mouthwash do y'all use to get rid of "that taste" ???

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    Virginia 10

    get the new one with the baking soda. it brightens and it cleans

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    I've seen cleaner looking oil drained out of a diesel.

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    Sorry Bob, but

    I just can't help myself.

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    trust me it wont be your last oil bath. they sneak up on you when you least expect them.

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    I bet this was a low temp r-22 rack with black oil or something really bad happened to the rack. Always look at compression ratios on r-22 racks that is what smokes the oil. New oil will be black in a few weeks at 10 to 1 compression ratios.

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    the only thing to remove the oil taste is -

    Beer. And I'm not making that up. Try it - it works.
    The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.

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    Re: the only thing to remove the oil taste is -

    Originally posted by Poodle Head Mikey

    Beer. And I'm not making that up. Try it - it works.
    The thought of anything ... resembling a liquid "Brown & Foamy" .... just has no appeal to me at the present time.

    But I will keep that in mind ...

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    Changed a compressor once at -30, removed old, switched out the caps plates with the new one then put into the warm running truck, had some problems with the new comp so decided to remove the oil pump from the old one to try.................................... resulting oil shower covered the inside cargo walls, luckily the van was virtually empty. It only takes 2 psi to create an oil shower when ya open up at the wrong spot.LOL
    Watts New, Ohm My, I been Electrically Commutated. Are U2.

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    Originally posted by mccool
    ...It only takes 2 psi to create an oil shower when ya open up at the wrong spot.LOL
    I concur....

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    I keep a clean set of clothes in the truck for special occasions just like that, R12.

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    i keep a dirty set of clothes in the truck so the wife thinks i've been bustin my a**

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    Not beer? Then Vodka. Something. Anything with alcohol used for stiff drink. Cause by the time you get home from a day like that, thats the only thing that can help get the tatse out of your mouth and the only thing that will clear your head and get you up tommorow and do it all over again.

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