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    I guess it's time again.

    I really hate to have to go job hunting but after working for a company for almost 3 years when I see I'm about to get struck by another bus it's about time to say adios. And to top it off I'm really in the mood to tell the boss tomorrow, guess what, it's not working out, but I see what's ahead and I'm looking elsewhere. I won't be stupid enough to quit. They will have to pay me to leave. Just curious to hear other backstab stories.

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    Yea that kinda what happened to me, first time at a small mom and pop shop, first mistake took the job without looking around trying to get off the road, Boss promised 40hrs and he had plenty of plenty of customers and had plenty of maintenace none of that panned out , 5 at company all together, He had to one crackhead who robbed from him which the boss knew and he still kept him other had 3 dui and the boss would pick him up help him install units and show him how to do gas piping and he was supposed to be experinced , well i show up ,doing service and install , well the service tech grabs all the calls , he would get pissed if i beat him to one, the install guys were job scared they would come up with all kinds of stories about me, i have had good previous feedback from the companies i worked at so iam not a hack, got blammed for stealing tools / i have my own tools/ have to go take a lie diector test and pass and low and behold the guy that already stole from him fails it,boss still keeps him hmmm. Then after that his wife seen me walking out of a grocery store with a bag of chips and drink tells him iam shopping on company time, amazing we have a contract in the same building as the grocery store and it was lunch time ,after that i told him to shove it, using gi bill to go to school now , kinda makes me nervous going to small mom and pop shops or medium size residential companies,hope all of them arent like that but thats all thats in my area since i moved. Sorry for the rant thats my store.

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