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    Has anyone heard anything new on the Air-QERV system? I know there was a scam associated with this technology but I spoke with a lady last year that said the inventors separated themselves from the con and are still working on getting the technology in production.

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    Anyone? Hello? I guess this post has fallen on the blind.

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    Smile No Air Qerv Yet!

    Hi Rob944

    I was associated with a group that was looking to market this product in Spring of 2009. The scam was being carried out by the Director of Marketing for company----not the inventor or the the group attempting to create a marketable product. When the inventor realized what was happening, he stepped in and shut down the marketing director who is a Mr James Rivera.

    The product does work but it does not have a price point in the marketplace that is at least the equivalent to most residential and commercial HVAC units. The inventor has acknowleged this fact.

    I hope that one day the product will be made available but for now only a fes protypes exist.

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    Thanks for the update. Even if the inventor wasn't able to get the price point down to typical units now one has to consider ROI. If these units are 3 times as efficient as the current models then the Air QERV will pay for itself in two years even if it was twice as much. Who is the inventor? He/she should look into getting gov't grants for further developing. If these units perform as well as I have read on other forums then this technology needs to get out quickly.

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    Air Qerv

    I don't know the name of the inventor but Mr Paul Montgomery was (is) the company president. It was Mr Montgomery who came on the phone in March 2009 and announced that the project would not be going to market anytime soon. I have not heard anything about the Air Qerv project for over a year. As far as I know they are still doing a lot of R & D on the Air Qerv units.

    The last time I spoke to my contact about the project was several months ago and he had not heard of any new developments.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful but that's all I know.

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