As far as the 60 minute batch thing. It's a saftey really. If it goes more than sixty minutes before tripping to go to harvest off the float, the board automaticaly makes it go to harvest. It won't come out of harvest till the suction side temp sensor is above 54 degrees, and float senses a water resevoir full. Meaning coil temp is 54 degrees, meaning ice machine although it can, don't ice easily. Many guys misdiagnose these ice ups BTW. If it's icing up, yeagh no doubt you got a problem but ask yourself how it didn't catch itself. Those sensors can go screwy and still funtion it out of a defrost but prematurely.

And also. Most hoshis run at a 43 - 46 minute batch, with only 3 - 6 minutes to harvest included in that time. So giving you another say 15 minutes to hit sixty minutes, and with the temp saftey out of defrost, it takes a lot to ice up a hoshi. And also, since your water is brought in by batch, there is only so much that can freeze on coil. if you have ice ups on hoshi's, 9 times out of ten your looking at a defrost issue and not freeze cycle issue. Scotman. Just the opposite.