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    This rack has problems. I mean ... some real serious wiring issues!

    That unit I replaced last week, the one whose bearings all washed out due to the demand cooling being wired on all the time ... and the oil failure switch not functioning ... well ... it is not the only wiring problem on the rack!

    I almost dont know where to start.
    I need the controls working right on this unit, but I also have to bring up the others which are not working corectly.

    People have mis-wired and re-wired this system over and over again.

    I have a five, a seven and a half, a ten and a fifteen horse on this rack.
    Only two are wired corectly.
    My coworker today told me to wire one based upon what the next unit was done.
    I said, in other words, you dont know what to do with this either. He smiled and agreed.


    Service manager is outa town til next week. Dont wanna wait til he gets back. He is great at stuff like this. Real good and real patient.

    I just dont want to wire this stuff up like as if it were a regular singular system, which it is not.

    And I dotn know the way the controller interacts with these four units.

    I am not asking for a quick fix. I want to learn these systems the right way and do them the best ... cause summer is a commin ... and by then ... there wont be no time to learn and go slow.

    The condition of some of these motor rooms ... makes you want to scream.

    And did I mention ... the store clerks and managers all use the motor rooms as supplemental storage for their seasonals ???

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    R-12 your controller should be controlling your compressor contactor. It should be calling based on header pressure, if you are in parallel.

    If your sentronic is wired as a three wire, it should be the last control before the contactor.
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    That's what I needed to know.


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